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Our Mission is To Inspire and Connect People Through the Advent of Taekwondo.

We are Committed to Providing Taekwondo Programs and Activities Designed to Enrich the Life Experience.

We Practice Inclusion and Equity;
Valuing Everyone in our Community.


Victory Taekwondo Experience is an open program for everyone.
We practice courtesy, respect and acceptance regardless of differences.
We work together, support one another and add to each other’s life experience.
We are leaders in our peer groups, in our schools and in our communities.
We offer help altruistically Without hesitation.
We are all small parts of our society but equal in importance.
We make a choice to be a Leaders and Champions!
We Never Quit!
We Never Give Up!
We Are The Victory Taekwondo Experience!

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Victory Taekwondo Experience approaches martial arts as a personal wellness activity that can be enjoyed over a lifespan.  Emphasizing the importance of possessing strong principles and value system prompting members to exercise self-control, integrity, respect, discipline, courtesy, perseverance and empathy, Victory Taekwondo EXP has established a culture encouraging members to make positive personal assessments and healthy choices as it pertains to their wellness.


Victory Taekwondo Experience differentiates its’ self by establishing a culture where members make positive personal assessments and healthy choices as it pertains to their wellness.  Victory EXP provides a supportive, accepting and caring environment aligning it’s martial arts curriculum to complement each individual’s interpersonal perspective of value. 


Victory Taekwondo EXP offers an array of programs and activities for members to stimulate, activate, improve, reinforce and/or maintain their respective cognitive and kinetic abilities.  Members constructively use time in betterment of learning new skills while enhancing their sense of lasting importance of learning and belief in their own abilities.  We appeal to a diverse client base offering an array programs to accommodate the variety of aptitudes that encompass the of interests of members;


  • Cultural Enrichment

  • Fitness Enhancement

  • Competitive Sports

  • Theatrical Performing Arts

  • Self-defense

  • Leadership Development


Victory Taekwondo EXP takes great care focusing on the individual’s executive function development. Victory Taekwondo EXP athletes experience psycho-emotional, psycho-social, socio-emotional, physiological and neurological maturation process developing serviceable attributes contributing to their success in life (teamwork, leadership, decision-making, works towards goals, adaptability, forecasting and critical thinking skills).  The following is a brief description of Victory Taekwondo EXP’s awareness of impact. 
Psycho Emotional
The Victory Taekwondo Experience emphasizes the importance of maintaining a high level of logical and reasoning skills.  Each individual is encouraged to focus intensively on technical mastery and personal control.  It is that personal control that directly affects anxiety reduction necessary for optimal performance in academics and social challenges.
Psycho Social
The Victory 206 Taekwondo Outreach instills value in aspiring martial artists by identifying major and minor influential factors while connecting each individual to their personal support structure.  Our Taekwondo program distinguishes each athlete’s personal assets and improving their personal perspective and recognizes the value of school, family, friends, spirituality and community.
It is the goal of The Victory 206 Taekwondo Outreach to empower young people with a genuine sense of confidence through employing consistent personal goal setting/achievement exercises.   Children who exude confidence are self-reliant and secure in their uniqueness. The Victory 206 Taekwondo Outreach nurtures assertion while encouraging young taekwondo enthusiasts to galvanize against behaviors deemed negative to personal development (i.e.  alcohol, drugs, and violence).
Martial Arts exercises range from low-high impact kinetic tasks.  Each exercise is designed to enhance and improve the overall performance of the human body.  The Victory 206 Taekwondo Outreach Certified Instructors teach a variety of martial arts techniques which improves flexibility, range of motion, aerobic-anaerobic conditioning and capacity development. 
The unique exercises enacted in Taekwondo Class Sessions, instigates a conscience and sub-conscience stimulus response throughout the entire body.  Taekwondo practitioners gain more control over their impulsive behaviors through conditioning practices.  Consistent Taekwondo practice can decrease the amount of time messages are relayed from the brain to a course of action.  Neurophysiological stimuli has the capability of improving every student’s academic efficiency. 

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“TAE” means “to kick with the foot”

“KWON” implies “a hand or fist to block, punch or strike.”

“DO” means and “art” or a “way”


The art of Taekwondo, in general, emphasizes kicks thrown from a mobile stance, employing the leg’s greater reach and power (compared to the arm).


Taekwondo training generally includes a system of blocks, kicks, punches, and open-handed strikes and may also include various take-downs or sweeps, throw, and joint locks.


Taekwondo made it’s world debut as a sport in the 1988 Olympics held in Seoul, Korea.  In 1989, taekwondo was the world’s most popular martial art, as measured by the number of practitioners.  Its popularity has resulted in the varied development of the martial art into several domains:  as with many other arts, it combines combat techniques, self-defense, sport, exercise, mediation and philosophy. Taekwondo was made an official Olympic Sport in 2000 and has captivated martial arts enthusiasts ever since.


Victory 206 Takwondo Outreach

The origin of the Victory Taekwondo EXP began in 2000 when a young Master Maxwell LaRoy elected to open a Taekwondo School in his vision under his direction after teaching, operating and managing prominent martial arts franchises.  Master Professor LaRoy relied on his local roots and utilized his social network to start outreach satelight programs throughout Seattle, WA (at Seattle Public and Private Schools, Local Community Centers, VFW Clubhouses, etc.) building his reputation as a excellent mentor and role model for at risk youth.  Master Professor LaRoy was successful altering the violence narrative associated with Taekwondo and proved Taekwondo to be a postive enrichment wellness activity for young people and a morale booster for the communities served.  Master Professor Maxwell LaRoy made powerful community partnerships with local businesses, corporations, organizations and civic entities who contribute their time, treasure or talents ensuring the program is accessible and affordable to a more diverse interest base. The satelite outreach segment of our martial arts company has become referred to as VICTORY 206 (See Programs/Victory 206). 


Victory Sports Enrichment Academy

After demonstrating the impact of the Victory 206 Outreach Taekwondo program and establishing sustainable satelite community classes, Master Professor LaRoy set his sights on opening the Victory Sports Enrichment Academy (S.E.A.)(a commercial store front to operate as a centralized headquarters to conduct general business from; hyperfocused on developing and promoting elite level sport taekwondo competitors).  Victory S.E.A. offers sport Taekwondo enthusiasts a more enriching Taekwondo experience by designing programs that will expand their cultural enrichment through exploration, interractive play and intercultural communications.  Through their enriching experiences, Victory S.E.A. athletes are more understanding of their position and value in a global sport community. (See Programs/Victory SEA).


Victory ABC (Early Child Development)

The Victory ABC serves preschool age children 3-5 years old.  The purpose of the Victory ABC Taekwondo program is to increase the emotional and social development through the advent.  Through games, play and artistic activities, pre-school ages  young people develop the aptitude for Taewkondo and the social experience to practice sensitivty and understanding with their peers.  Victory Taekwondo EXP ABC Early Child Development program believe that child’s success in the early stages of scholastic academics is largely due to the child’s positive experience where they developed the building blocks of respect for environment, self and others, gain confidence and self assurance and the ability to work independently and socially with others.


Victory ABC students are nurtured towards;

  1. Possessing self-managerial skills.

  2. Effective communication skills.

  3. Increased fine & gross motor skills.

  4. Heightened emotional intellegence. 


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